Meet the Guide

Derick Roskelley, better known as “Skelly” is a local of Mt. Green, UT and is an avid fisherman on the Weber River. Skelly spends 100+ days on the Weber River every year, he considers the river his second home. Always having a true passion and love for the river, he always tries to learn or see something new every time he goes. Skelly holds a degree in Physical Education, and coached high school baseball for many years, he “loves teaching people of all ages and skill levels.” Education is a passion in and out of the classroom for Skelly. Teaching beginners to advanced anglers new to or visiting Northern Utah how to successfully catch fish on their own while having fun with the sport he loves. “I want clients to finish a session with me and feel comfortable that I have taught them enough to be successful on their own the next day, week, or month.”

"Do you guys know those teachers who are known for their natural patience and innate ability to motivate? Derick Roskelley is that style of teacher. Thanks for the great experience, my friend."

− Dan Hubler

"Best fisherman I know and he is willing to teach. I've been out with him a couple of times and every time I feel like I am grasping technique more and more. He is there to coach you, teach you how to read the river, and most of all, show you a good time on the river catching fish!! Thanks for the experiences so far 801 Fly Fishing, I plan to have many more. 14 fish last time out!!"

− Levi Brooke

"Skelly is one of the best dudes I know. I've been on the water with him for a few years now and have always had a great time. If your looking to catch fish and have a good time doing it, I recommend you give him a call."

− Cole Thorpe

"First time fly fishing in Utah. Learned from one of the best! Caught five fish my first time out."

− Louis Morales

"Derick was an awesome guide and is very knowledgeable about fly fishing. He will teach you the basics and get you catching fish even if it is your first time. I had an overall good experience. Great guide good company and I will be back again."

− Logan Taggart

"Derick is a very energetic and patient instructor with a deep passion and knowledge of fly fishing. I would recommend his guide service to anyone from pure beginners wanting to learn the basics of the sport to advanced fly fisherman who want to improve their odds of catching the big one on the Weber River."

− Scott DeYoung