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Summer Fishing the Weber River

By July 25, 2016 Blog No Comments

Summer offers some fun opportunities for fly anglers. Big hatches, big terrestrials, and extra hours of sunlight to fuel your passion and explorations. I am receiving emails and messages asking for tips for fishing the Weber in the “Dog Days” of summer. The flows on the Lower Weber can be frustrating with high, off colored water filled with tubers above Morgan and by the time it reaches the Peterson area it is a trickle and filled with moss and weeds growing in the warmer water. My best advice is choosing the best time of the day for the fishing you want to do.
I am usually throwing streamers and on the water by 6 A.M. or not starting streamer sessions until 7 P.M. to dodge some of the hot temperatures. On my nymph trips we like to start around 8 A.M. with the action usually slowing down around 1 P.M. and picking up again around 6:00 P.M. If we are only throwing dries, Caddis in particular, I will show up rigged and ready to go about 8 P.M. and fish until I can’t see my flies around 9:45 P.M. If we are wanting to throw hopper/droppers I like to throw them in the middle of the day and pack plenty of water.
I personally fish the Weber less in the summer than any other season and usually use this time to explore new rivers, travel out of state, and spend time on some of my favorite higher elevation waters.
Lots of anglers get excited for the hopper/dropper opportunities, others like enjoy throwing big nymphs, and there is a reliable Caddis hatch in the mornings and evenings. Streamer fishing can be finicky but rewarding finding big fish eating big summer meals.
Pack lots of water, sunscreen, don’t forget your sunglasses and study the water and let the fish tell you what you should be fishing.

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