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FishOn Energy Round 2

By September 26, 2015 Blog No Comments

The FishOn Energy crew was back in Utah for their annual birthday fishing trip.  I was honored to get a phone call seeing if I wanted to take them out again. I asked where they were interested in fishing and they had seen some recent pics from an awesome trip.  I sent them a Pin on the IPhone and told them I would be there at 9 A.M.  We grabbed drinks and set off to chase some healthy rainbows.  As we got rigged up and chatted about life, business, and fishing we could see the fish rising all over the river.  We stopped at the first run and Mike Pyle hooked into a fish on his third cast. I was eager to net some fish in the new Fishpond Nomad net but the fish were spitting the hooks.  There was so much surface activity as well as lots going on off the bottom I knew it was going to be a great day.  I rolled some rocks and the amount of small midges on the bottom was a delight to see.  We made some minor changes to our bug selection and it was on!

Both Jason and Mike are fantastic fishermen and I always learn as much from them as they do from me. Jason Vigil, owner of FishOn Energy, was staying true to his streamer and I loved seeing him work the technique we worked on last time they were in town.   Mike “Quicksand” Pyle really changed up my nymphing game by showing me completely different indicators, weights, distances, and positioning that he uses when nymphing.  He was talking me through his approach and he easily caught six fish out of one run I would have been happy landing two out of.  I look forward to building and tweaking the systems that Mike taught me and mastering them here locally.

As Mike and I took our sweet time re rigging and talking approach, Jason made his way up to a run that he totally smacked on his nymph set up.  He was smiling from ear to ear as we stumbled upon him.  He had set his camera up and was still catching healthy fish as we caught up. We all worked upstream together and in the next big run we had a FishOn Energy double with Jason pulling out a 17 inch Rainbow from the headwaters of a large deep run as Mike picked off about a 13 inch Brown from the deep pool behind Jason.

We had a fun story I will always look back on and cherish.  After having a couple beers and switching up areas, Mike was sitting on an abandoned car in the river nymphing trying to entice a big rainbow he saw hanging around in the riffles.  Jason and I were ready to try a new spot and all leave together.  I asked to try throwing his new 200 grain streamer line I wanted to see work to kill the time.  I was lucky enough to have the streamer rod in my hand when the big rainbow showed himself in front of us all.  I threw a Barely Legal at him and we were all lucky enough to see the wake and take as the rainbow hit the streamer.   After landing him and sharing high fives and ridicule of catching “Mike’s” fish on Jason’s rod, I thought a bit about the situation.  This fish sat there and saw us all for at least 20 minutes before and turned on the first streamer we put in his face.  I always try to figure out why fish hit streamers and this is a straight predatory reaction and his instincts took over his wariness of seeing us all around him.

These are the nicest guys in the business and their respect towards everyone always amazes me.  They share beers with random “grumpy” landowners, wave to and chat up tubers coming down the waters we fish, stop and root on anyone and everyone fishing and come from such awesome backgrounds.  I look forward to catching a UFC fight in Vegas in January and will always support and follow what these guys are doing.  Check out their website www.fishonenergy.com for some of the sweetest fly fishing swag in the game.  Best of luck to these guys in all that they do.



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