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Streamer Season Ain’t Over

By January 11, 2016 Blog No Comments

In the bitter cold months in Northern Utah many anglers hang up the big rods, and heavy lines to sit at the vice and fill their nymph and dry boxes for the coming warmer weather.  Many pick a warm day and nymph their favorite sections.  The Weber River nymphs great in the winter and I would bet most anglers live and die by the theory, the trout metabolisms are down and they are eating small and not exuding much energy to eat.  I live and die by the theory that a big fish will exude more energy for a high calorie meal and eat big year round.  I have caught more big fish in the frigid last month than I did all fall.  The numbers aren’t there but the big fish are eating big to stay big!

I have picked up more fish on slower retrieves but still am having the big, aggressive “swirl” misses multiple times before finally hooking up in less than desirable temperatures.  It can be harder to keep your hands warm as you are stripping and handling more line, but if you pick your spots to “hunt” for big fish and try to keep your hands warm in between, the results can be worth the aches and pains of trying to dial your fishing buddies phone numbers to tell them about the fish you just landed.

I am still testing my own theory of throwing only two streamer patterns on the Weber and I have all but dialed it into one with great success all winter regardless of cloud coverage, time of day, and cold spells.  I am blessed to have a great fly tying buddy Cole who takes great pride in tying the best quality flies I have fished.  Thanks for keeping me stocked buddy!



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